Monday, August 28, 2017

Launching My Blog!

Finally my blog is up and running! I'm so excited to announce the launch of, my own personal blog. This has been long-awaited and I'm ecstatic -- this will be a compilation of fashion and other tidbits. I plan to post weekly but this depends on my schedule since I work and go to school full-time. My name is Dalila (pronounced "Delilah") and I am an eighteen-year-old college student residing in Pennsylvania. Initially I was enrolled into a five year physician assistant program but the program's accreditation was  unfortunately revoked, so I decided to enroll in a local college for nursing in June 2017 [pretty late I know]. I plan to attend graduate school to become either a CRNP or CRNA. We'll see what the future has in store for me! 

Aside from that, I will update you guys on here regarding sales and items I would pick out on here. Make sure you follow me on my other social media platforms! On the top right corner (for desktop) there's circle icons that take you to my Pinterest, Instagram, etc... Go to the "Shop" tab on the top of this page to shop my looks, current favorites, and wishlist. If you scroll down you'll see a "Shop my Instagram" feed on the right side that allows you to click and see what items I wore in the photo or view similar items if the exact items aren't available.

To better know me, here are a few facts:

-Fall is my absolute favorite season; the weather is perfect and I can wear all the blanket scarves I want.
-I'm a sucker for anything gold and sparkly; if it reflects light well I want it!
-Rose is my favorite scent.
-My dream car is the Tesla SUV.
-I struggle to function on less than 8-9 hours of sleep... My 8 AM classes are going to be rough.
-I like sleeping without a pillow, people think I'm weird for it but I think it's more comfortable! I hate super fluffy pillows: they hurt my neck.