Thursday, May 31, 2018

Floral OTS Midi Dress

I found this super cute floral midi dress when I was shopping a week or so ago and it is so comfy! Usually I do not wear dresses unless I really like them, so this says a lot. The original MSRP of this dress was $59.50 and it is marked down to $23.80!! Such a steal.

I don't know how long the sale will last, since it is marked down for Memorial Day. My favorite part of it is that it isn't too long on me, it hits right at the ankle.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

High-End Makeup Favorites

Don't get me wrong, I love finding a gem in the drugstore but sometimes it's nice to splurge for yourself. These are products that are tried + tested by yours truly. I swear by these products and continue to repurchase them.

These are products that I have used for months, even years. I have used the eyebrow pomade that I have linked below since sophomore year of high school.

1. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade: I have been using this since I was a sophomore in high school. It's sweatproof & does not budge, trust me! When I had swimming class I used this and my brows were still on by the end of it. I use the shade 'dark brown' and it's the perfect shade since it is not warm.

2. Lorac Powder: I use this to set my concealer and it really blurs the pores around my cheek area. I use the shade '3.5'.

3. Stila Magnificent Glitters: I used this for prom for extra sparkle and it stayed on the whole night. There are a variety of shades and it also comes in a satin finish that is not as sparkly. It is super easy to put a color in the crease then this on the lid for an extra pop of color.

4. Anastasia Amrezy Highlighter: The packaging is gorgeous and it is such a flattering soft gold color. It gives you a subtle glow but you can build it up to a bold highlight. It's not patchy and goes on smooth.

5. Sephora Pro Palette: This is a great everyday palette because it has so many warm brown tones and pops of pink and gold glitter shadows. I use this almost everyday because all the colors blend seamlessly with one another.

It's pricey at first glance, but it comes with 28 shadows. When I am running late, I usually just blend a medium brown shade into the crease.

6. Tarte Shape Tape: This is my go-to concealer because it is full coverage. I have gone through 2 or 3 tubes of this and when I have the extra cash I'll splurge on it since it is $27.

I have yet to find a concealer that is as long-wearing and high coverage as this one. If you have dark circles that are hard to cover, try this!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy II My Haircare Routine

I've learned through trial and error how to care for my hair. Trust me, I went through all the hair dying phases you could possibly think of. I've bleached my hair by myself multiple times -- dyed it pink, purple, red, etc... From eighth grade to about sophomore year my hair was damaged since I did not properly take care of it.

Once I started to put more effort and being more careful of what I was actually doing to my hair, it started to become softer and more manageable.

I remember one time in ninth grade (back when ombre hair was all the rage), I went to Sally's and bought powder bleach and 20 & 30 developer. Little did I know that volume 20 was not going to do anything to my hair color wise because my hair is so dark. I left it on and rinsed it off and it did not lift. I proceeded to use volume 30 developer two times after, because I missed some spots the first time. My hair did not break off, but it tangled 10x more easily and had a rough texture to it.

**Disclaimer: I'm not a professional hairstylist (clearly) nor have I had any training but this is what I have learned from my experiences and what has worked for me. Take my advice w/a grain of salt!

Helpful Tips:

1. Stop Using Heat Tools
I use my curling iron 2x a week at most and let the curls loosen naturally. I use a 1" & 1" 1/4 curling iron and really like the extended barrel since my hair is long. Use a heat protectant spray when you dry/straighten/curl your hair.

You know what your hair can take and do not put the temperature setting all the way up if your hair is weak/brittle. Learn to embrace your natural hair for a couple days a week!

2. Wash Your Hair Less
The more you wash, the dryer your hair will become because all of the oils are being stripped away [especially with shampoos that contain sulfates]. Use dry shampoo to get you through the next day.

I wash my hair 2x a week (and yes I shower everyday) and that keeps my hair from being dry. The dryer the hair, the weaker it becomes. These are my favorite dry shampoos:

3. Get Regular Trims
Split ends cannot be 'bonded' together again, some hair products claim this but it's totally not true. Once you have split ends the only way to remove them is to cut them off. I recommend getting trims every couple months to keep your hair healthy. Also, do not pick your split ends apart -- I saw a girl in my class do it once and it made me cringe because it's so bad for your hair.

4. Go to the Salon
If you do not know what you're doing, do yourself a favor and book an appointment at the salon. It will be quicker and save you from being stressed out. You could accidentally chemically melt your hair off or turn it orange otherwise. And remember to bring reference pictures when you do go!

Back when I dyed the under layer of my hair blonde, I decided to dye it purple. Well it turned out pink and I hated it. I went back to Sally's and got a hair color remover (it smells so bad). The color wasn't even fully removed and I was left with splotchy lavender, kinda pink hair. Not a cute look.

5. Put Your Hair Up When You Sleep
Not in a tight bun or pony though, more like a very, very loose ponytail. I only wrap my ponytail holder around my hair twice (like 1/3 from the bottom of my hair) just to keep it out of my face.

I don't have to brush through as many knots in the morning. It keeps my curls in too, since I usually only have to run my fingers through my hair to get rid of some tangles.

6. Get a Wet Brush
This is the BEST hairbrush and I swear by it. It does not tug or pull at my hair unless I have a huge knot, but even then it hurts less than a regular hairbrush. I have two of them and I love them.

I recommend not brushing your hair when it's wet though since wet hair is more fragile. I have the large paddle brush and a mini one, to keep in my purse or backpack.

7. Your Diet
Make sure you're getting enough vitamins/nutrients in your diet because if you don't, your hair could become weaker than it should be or your nails can break off easier. I take vitamin gummies since my doctor recommended them.

My Haircare Routine:

I switch up shampoos now and then, but currently I am using these products to wash my hair:

But if your hair is dry or brittle then I suggest asking your hairstylist what shampoo/conditioner he/she thinks is best for your hair type. I still use the Matrix purple shampoo (on mid-section of my hair) in combo w/drugstore shamp and it makes my hair really soft/tones the brassiness away. Shampoos from the salon are always going to be better for your hair though.

I use the Aussie Miracle conditioner just on the ends of my hair & I leave it on for a couple minutes. It leaves my ends super soft and detangled. When I get out of the shower, I use a dime-sized amount of the Tresseme hair oil (This is around $5 and it is so good -- makes my hair shiny & not oily) on the ends and a mousse at the root occasionally. I have straight hair naturally so I like volume in my hair. As for mousse, I buy a different one everytime I run out.

I blow dry my hair with the CHI ion hair dryer switching between hot and cool air. I literally don't have any rhyme or reason as to how I dry my hair. I don't round brush my hair or anything b/c I think it's time consuming and I end up curling my hair anyways. I don't brush my hair until my hair is dry because wet hair is more fragile/prone to break as compared to dry.

As for dying my hair, I go once a year or year-and-a-half because I get my hair balayaged so even if it grows out it looks fine. A balayage is when your hairstylist paints on the bleach so it looks perfectly blended & it has more dimension. 10/10 recommend this because it lasts long + is low-maintenance compared to other dying methods.

I curl my hair with this curling iron and I've been using it for years! I recently upgraded to the extended barrel 1 1/4 inch and I love it even more. I thought about purchasing the T3 curling iron set but I just can't get myself to drop nearly $300 on a curling iron when this works for me. Maybe I'll splurge on it after I graduate, haha.

 In the first photo is when I got balayage highlights back in May 2017. The second is what my hair currently looks like, it's more layered since I got a haircut (I'm trying to grow it out since she cut my layers too short for my liking).

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Floral Tops for UNDER $50 + my OOTD

jeweled sandals (currently 30% off + free shipping)  II high-waisted jeans (under $40)
top (from Knox Rose)

Yay, summer vacation has officially started for me! I took my last final two days ago and I've just been relaxing. My friend took these photos for me right after my Spanish final (haha).  This year really flew by, compared to high school. 

When warm weather hits, all I want to wear are floral prints. I think they are universally flattering and feminine. The fabric on floral tops are usually lightweight & breezy. I rounded up the cutest floral tops below that are under $50. 

The first one listed is the closest one to the one I am wearing. I bought my top from Target, from the brand 'Knox Rose' and I cannot find it online. But they always have floral prints in all kinds of colors, so you can find one for sure. 

I am wearing THESE tassel earrings and I think they really pull together the whole look. Currently, they come in three colors & are only $16!!! I've raved about these again & again but they are worth the hype. Currently they're running a sale:
  • 20% 1 item w/ the code 'SUMMER20' 
  • 25% 2 items w/ the code 'SUMMER25'
  • 30% 3 items w/ the code 'SUMMER30'

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

White Graduation Dresses for UNDER $75

Last year, I was scouring store after store to find a white dress for graduation. I recommend to not waiting a couple weeks before graduation to buy because I had to find a tailor since my dress was too long (my fault). If you buy your dress online last minute, choose express shipping! Since shipping can be unpredictable.

My dress is LINKED here -- it is currently sold out, but there's a waitlist. I recommend sizing down since it runs large. I'm on the petite side so I had to get the hem shortened and sides taken in. It's a beautiful dress that is so elegant. I wish I had more opportunities to wear it! I wore it once for graduation.

White dresses are a classic -- that's why I chose to wear white for my graduation. Also, my graduation dress was orange so prints or other bright colors would not have looked too good. 

As for shoes, I wore nude wedges because wedges are easier to walk in than heels. I wore heels for the graduation rehearsal and could not do it! My feet were hurting so bad after since there was a lot of walking. So if you're not comfortable wearing heels/wedges, wear flats or a short wedge. 

Here are the dresses that I would want to wear if I was graduating this year under $75.

^I love the lace detail and shape of this dress.

^ This gorgeous lace dress is UNDER $40 and looks more expensive than it actually is!

Last year when I was looking for dresses, I saw some that could break the bank.  I know as a high school student, the majority of us don't have money like that to throw around - especially with college coming up for y'all. Tuition + books are expensive so try to save your hard earned money! You can always wear these white dresses again by styling them with different accessories.