Friday, June 29, 2018

My Designer Wishlist

I think it's important to indulge in something for yourself once in a while. Treating yourself is something that I prioritize. I take time to relax, unwind and rest after a difficult week -- especially finals week or something like that. 

Not saying that you should buy yourself a YSL bag every week or when it gets tough, but for a birthday or Christmas present to yourself, then it's fine. I like wishlists because they give me motivation to work harder, y'know. 

If you work for something, don't let anyone tell you otherwise about it. You worked hard for it; therefore, you earned it -- end of story. 

These designer items are just items I think are pretty and would be a nice addition, not a necessity!

1. Gucci Belt 

I've seen this on fashion bloggers all over the 'gram and have admired them from the beginning. I think it is such a classic piece and will last forever. I like the gold hardware with the light pink or cream colored belts.

It can be used to dress up or down an outfit because it is such a versatile piece. Like I said before, it gives an outfit an extra umph. 

2. Karen Walker Super Duper Alternative Fit Sunglasses

I adore the shape and structure of these sunglasses. If I did buy them, I would get the tortoise color because I think that would flatter me more since my hair is black. I like how large the lenses are on the face and the alternative fit would fit my face better since I have a lower nose bridge.

These have been on my wishlist for years! Ever since I saw Cara Loren wear these, I knew I needed them. I just haven't gotten myself to spend that much on sunnies because I lose everything. I drop things, break things and lose things all the dang time.

3. Kendra Scott Cristina Tassel Earrings

Do I need to explain why I want these?! These are gorgeous! I love the marbled turquoise with the gold hardware. I saw Hayley Segar wear these in a YouTube video and they looked so good on her. She has platinum blonde hair and wore the white ones and it made me want them.

These are large statement earrings and I think KS did such a good job designing them. They're so different from any other statement earring on the market right now.

4. Prada Saffiano Cuir Tote Bag 

This purse has such a classic look to me -- I don't think it will ever go out of style. I love the sophistication and elegance it has. To me, this has got to be one of my favorite designer handbags ever. I joke around and say that this will be graduation present to myself when I graduate (let's hope it happens!)

I'm biased because I like saffiano leather and I like bags with handles that stand straight up that also have a crossbody strap. I don't really like shoulder bags since they can get in the way. I swear one day I will own one.

5. Michele Gold Diamond Watch 

I see Caitlin Covington and Emily Ann Gemma wear Michele watches all the time. They usually wear the silver ones so I wasn't really into them. But one day, Caitlin posted this on her Insta story and I fell in love with it. I think Michele watches also have a classic look to them but the bright yellow gold along with the diamonds is what sold me! I think this would go with any outfit.

I am a watch aficionado and need this in my collection. Maybe a present to myself after graduating grad school? (Haha, that's still years to go!) This is such a timeless piece that looks well crafted.

These are the five designer items I am lusting after, let me know what yours are in the comments. I think that designer items should be versatile, so it can be used again and again even if trends change. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Accessories I Cannot Live Without

I'm accessory junkie and love everything from little midi rings to large statement necklaces. If you ever see me and I'm not wearing any jewelry then I'm probably sick or off to the gym (on the rare occasion that I go!)

I love accessorizing because I think it truly changes an outfit from blah to 100. I think everyone should wear an extra accessory or two or three because it adds a certain pizazz to a look. Look at all the fashion bloggers -- are they just wearing a simple white tee + skinny jeans?

1. Large Face Watches

I wear a large watch pretty much everyday and I match them to my outfits. These three I have linked, are the three that I wear the most! I also wear the 'Darci' style watch by Michael Kors often too.

Watches can be functional and fashionable, and that's why they're my #1 accessory.

2. Statement Earrings

Honestly all the earrings from BaubleBar are gorgeous and I want all of them. They are so fun and dress up any outfit and I think they go the best with summer outfits. I recommend getting a pair of white tassel earrings because they are the most versatile.

3. Sunglasses

I own two pairs from the DESIXQUAY line and I cannot rave enough about them. I like the black fade ones better than the gold, but they are both great quality. I really like the look of the Raybans pair that I linked.

4. Dainty Rings

I like to wear small, thin rings with accents on them on my third or fourth finger most of the time. I just like dainty jewelry in general, but usually wear more bold bracelets/earrings so small rings complement them.

5. Blanket Scarves

In the fall time, I practically live in them since they are like a warm blanket. They add so much style to a look while being functional. I have over 10 blanket scarves and I will continue to feed into that addiction (haha!). I have the first scarf linked below (the plaid/striped one) and it would look so cute with tall black Hunter boots.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Simple + Easy Fourth of July Outfit II Casual OOTD

The Fourth of July is right around the corner! When it's hot, you really don't want to wear tons of layers or accessories to have a cute outfit. This is what I'll be wearing -- something casual and comfy. And of course, with accessories. You can't go wrong with red, white and blue. The tassel earrings I am wearing are from Loft; I purchased them at the beginning of the year, but any red colored statement earrings will work. 

The white ruffle tee I am wearing is from H&M and I went for a slightly oversized look. Tuck in the front of the shirt into your high-waisted shorts.  The outfit itself is casual, but I dressed it up with accessories. The sunglasses I'm wearing are knock-off Celines from F21 -- is it worth it to spend hundreds on a pair of sunglasses when these are similar and under $8?! Also, my denim shorts are from American Eagle. They're stretchy and very comfortable to wear. 

You don't need to go out and buy another outfit because all these pieces are already in your closet! A combo of a white top + ripped denim jean shorts + brown sandals is a such a versatile outfit. Heck, I wear this outfit to school, usually with a cardigan. 

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Happy Fourth of July!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Blue + White Embroidered Tops Under $50 II OOTD

My summer has been pretty relaxing so far -- just working and resting. Currently saving up for some trips in the future. On my days off, my mom and I usually just hit up the mall or outlets and shop around. We just go to spend time together and usually I find one or two things.

I found my blue + white embroidered ruffle detailed blouse at Marshall's the other day and also noticed it in TJ Maxx as well. I purchased mine for $14.99! Marshall's does not have an online page to shop and I couldn't find it on the TJ Maxx site so I have listed some similar ones below (also very cute).

I paired my top with distressed denim high-waisted shorts and strappy taupe colored heels. My shoes are nearly 50% off! These pair well with so many things -- they're originally $150 and super hard to find. I found them in a couple sizes left. I also wore large white teardrop earrings that I got recently that I've linked below (I love them -- they go with everything).

I chose to wear an optic white colored purse with the look to keep it more neutral. To make this more dressy, I would pair this with white ankle cropped pixie pants and then change out the purse for something more colorful.

blue & white embroidered tops under $50:

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Cutest Blue Asymmetical Peplum II OOTD

I went out shopping with my mom and sister and ran across this super cute peplum! Can you believe that this peplum top is on clearance for? It's originally $34 and is marked down -- so get it while you can. Peplum tops or dresses are always flattering on any body type.

I bought mine in size small for a looser fit. The peplum around the waist is a chiffon material and is asymmetrical; I did not realize this until I tried it on. I personally like the blue and black peplum tops out of the four colors available. It comes in white, gray, blue and black but I only saw three of the colors in store. 

The material is stretchy & not restricting at all. I just love how casual and feminine this top is. I have linked all the items I am wearing below (shoes are similar -- same brand! and earrings are similar also -- they're on sale for $18). Also, my sunglasses are from Charlotte Russe last year.

I have been on a statement earrings kick lately! I think I might do another earring post soon -- they dress up any outfit, even just w/a t-shirt and jeans.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Best Apps For Editing Instagram Photos II What I Use

As a blogger, it's necessary to be able to edit your photos to make them look the best they can. It's important to keep the overall feel or look of an individual photo similar from the one before and the after. A theme on your Instagram feed should be a priority because that's what people see when they click on your profile.

Have you ever noticed the super popular bloggers having a white/neutral or a colorful and bright theme? It's not just a coincidence. Not only is it just aesthetically pleasing, but it's keeping your brand consistent. That's where editing comes into play!

Some people use Lightroom but I have not personally tried it. I just use the photo editing apps on my iPhone. I have downloaded so many apps in the past and tried to figure out how to use them -- it's a process. But these are the apps that I always use and they're tried & tested. 

1. Snapseed 

This is my favorite editing app of all time and it's free. Ever since I found out about it, it's my go-to editing app. It has the basic features such as brightness, contrast, saturation, etc... But it also has an expansion feature and a brush tool that allows you to manually 'draw' on the photo where you want the saturation or exposure to be increased/decreased. I also usually increase the 'ambiance' (in the 'tools' under 'tune image') since it makes the colors pop in the photo.
I always sharpen the photo anywhere from 50-75 because it makes the photo more crisp. Have you ever noticed sometimes, that your photos are a touch blurry when you post them? This is a quick fix!

Also, another good thing about this app is that you can edit the photo and modify the original photo instead of saving it as another photo. If you do so, the changes you have made to the original photo are not permanent, meaning you can undo/change them if you change your mind.

2. UNUM 

If you are struggling with keeping up an Instagram theme, this app is for you! You can see what your feed would look like if you were to post them. You can put up to 18 photos in the free version & move them around with a button.

I've been using this for almost a year and it has been so helpful -- it keeps my Instagram looking cohesive instead of disorganized.

3. VSCO 

I personally like to use the filters 'HB1' and 'HB2'. I tweak each differently and it can really change up the overall look of the photo.

Usually I brighten, add contrast, add sharpness, increase saturation, decrease warmth and increase highlights. It all depends on the photo -- sometimes I edit it in Snapseed and other times it looks better in VSCO.

4. HypeType 

Okay, this isn't for photos but it's for Instagram stories. You can add text that fades in and out with music. I screen record my website to feature a specific blog post & post it on my story with a catchy melody. I have not found another app like it and it's super easy to use. 

By the way if you have an iPhone and a Mac, an easy way to get photos from your phone to your computer to put in a blog post is through AirDrop. I used to message or email myself the photos but it's more time-consuming & sometimes the photos end up blurry. Just go into 'photos' in your phone, select the photos you want, then click the export button and AirDrop should be there. It takes less than 10 seconds for it to download on your laptop.

5. Layout

This app is for putting multiple photos together, like a collage. I use this when I want some variation in my photos. I usually put 2 photos of the same outfit together, sometimes in a different pose. It is easy to use and there are a lot of options for the types of collages.

Hope these tips are helpful!