Monday, July 23, 2018

How To: Stay Organized + Excel in School

Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to juggle work, school + extracurriculars. I go to school full-time and I work part-time on the weekends. I also am involved in clubs, blog at least 1x a week, and help my mom out. A blog post takes way more work than I had thought (before I actually had a blog). 

For fashion posts I buy or put together an outfit, go out & shoot them, edit the photos, write the post, revise the post, post a correlating photo on Instagram, pin it on Pinterest, etc... Needless to say, I was really overwhelmed at the beginning of this school year when I was getting my toes wet with my blog. 

College is very different from high school and being a freshman, I had to adjust to the new lifestyle. Class isn't 7:45 to 2:45 and professors don't babysit you like teachers did in high school. Time management and organization is KEY. You also need to be organized and be motivated. Shoving your papers into your backpack isn't a good idea because things will end up getting lost. 

Classes are shorter and you have to put in the time outside of class to study. College is about independence and taking initiative -- putting aside time to go to office hours, tutoring, etc... When a class is only 50 minutes 3x a week, information is just thrown at you in class and you're expected to internalize and comprehend the material. 

After finishing my freshman year at college, I've compiled a list of tips that I learned and use. It has helped me keep my grades and energy levels up: 

  •  Get A Planner: I write down all appointments, activities, and my work schedule so I know what I need to do/go for that day. I use THIS planner & it has monthly and weekly spreads so you can.
    • Write down all homework assignments, paper due dates, exams, & quizzes from the syllabus.
    • Jot down your goals for the week -- whether it be hitting the gym 2x or drinking a glass of water before each meal. 
    • USE your planner daily & keep it up to date. There's no point in buying one if it is just taking up space. 
  • Take Your Notes In One Place: I used to just take notes on loose-leaf paper and leave them in random places. I ended up losing most of my notes... Not a good idea. 
    • Get a notebook for each subject and keep all your notes in one place. 
    • Write neatly so you can go back and study them later. 
    • Type them if that works better for you; divvy up folders and keep notes in the correct folder (I use GoogleDocs since it automatically saves my work). 
  • Ask Questions: If you don't feel comfortable raising your hand in class, go to the professor's office hours. They're there for a reason! It is super frustrating to not be able to do a problem if you don't fully comprehend the concept. 
    • Also, do not wait until the night before the exam to email some last-minute questions. Study a few days before and then ask questions about the material you are confused about. 
  • Eliminate Distractions: I'm guilty of watching reruns of Project Runway while rewriting notes, but it does not do you any favors. Switching between the show and your homework takes more time and energy than you'd think. 
    • Turn off the TV, music, and phone. 
    • Do all of the work you need to, then indulge in Gossip Girl or Grey's Anatomy. 
  • STUDY: This is super important unless you are some kind of wizard and remember everything you learned. Instead of cramming the night before, break up your study sessions 3-4 days before an exam. It's much easier to focus when you are studying for 45 minutes - 1 hour compared to 4-5 hours at a time. 
  • In high school, I did not really study that much -- just a little here and there. In college, there might only be two exams the whole semester and that may be the only work that contribute to your overall grade. 
    • Set aside time to review material you have learned that day (proven that this works!)
    • Rewrite your notes and color-code them.
    • Do practice problems & watch YouTube videos on the topic. 
    • Have study-group sessions w/friends. 
  • Stay Motivated: For me, it's about that time in the semester where I'm worn out but it's the final stretch of the race! Don't let go of all that hard work you've done and slack off. Whenever I am feeling lazy and don't want to do an assignment or study, I just think about the end goal -- graduating and starting my life. 
    • Write down your goals for the week, month, or even year. 
    • Once you reach your goals, reward yourself! Even if it's something small as getting ice cream after earning an A on an exam. 
    • Don't spread yourself too thin; know your boundaries and do not overstep them. If you cannot function without an x amount of sleep then plan your day/life around that. Ex. taking 20 credits and working full-time -- a few may be able to do this successfully but c'mon let's be realistic. The majority of us need some down time b/c we cannot always go-go-go
  • Sleep: I cannot run on 3-4 hours of sleep so I make sure I get at least 7 hours a night. Sleep is important and you cannot function as well if you are sleep deprived. 
    • Set a bedtime and stick to it -- the more consistent you are, the better you will feel.
    • Put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off, there's nothing more annoying than being waken up by an unimportant notification. 

Thanks for reading, 


Monday, July 16, 2018

Ways To Make Money As A College Student

We've all been there -- sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need some extra cash. Textbooks aren't cheap and neither are parking tickets. If you're a high schooler, you're probably working a minimum wage job (my first job paid me $7.25) and want some extra spending money. If you're a college student then tuition is probably eating you out alive. 
It's super easy to spend money while earning money is hard, so learn when to spend it. Don't just splurge every time there is a good sale. I know the pain... Set aside a certain amount for miscellaneous expenses every week or other week.

Also, do NOT spend money that you do not have. This is muy importante! It's a black hole since expenses tend to pile up and interest accumulates. 

So what can you do? I've gathered up several ways that I have earned money as a college student and will share tips on what I did. And these are doable ways to make money! 

1. Resell your clothes

My style has personally evolved so much over the last couple years that I have lots of clothing that I am not into wearing anymore. I personally use Poshmark, but there are other apps and places to sell clothing/accessories such as Mercari or Thredup. I've been using Posh since I was a senior in high school and still am selling my gently used or brand new clothes on there. I have sold shoes, necklaces, purses, etc... 

The reason I like Posh is because of how easy it is to sell: you need to take pictures of the item, write an accurate description, and wait for offers to come in/someone to purchase. Once someone purchases, download the pre-made shipping label and send it off. Disclaimer: they do take a percentage of the sale -- I believe it's 20%. You can share other people's listings and interact with other sellers. The majority of interactions on Posh have been positive for me! 

Also, their customer service is amazing -- if the item comes damaged or is not as described, then you can open a dispute and go from there. On the other hand, if you're a seller make sure you post pictures of the item from all angles and write a descriptive caption to make sure the buyer knows what they are getting.

2.  Turn your hobbies into profit 

Are you into nail art, doing hair or baking? You could charge $10 for a gel manicure or polish manicure with designs. Start with your family members and practicing on them. If you're great at hair and makeup, you can do homecoming makeup (it is expensive to get done at a salon, so people might turn to you for their hair/makeup).  Everyone likes sweet treats so if you have a knack for baking cakes or cookies, then you could do it for birthdays or special occasions. Everyone has to start somewhere! 

If you are super into fashion and would like to share it, then you might consider about starting a personal blog. Even if you just started, smaller brands might want you to wear their clothes or collaborate with you. If you play an instrument, you could play at weddings or give lessons to younger kids. Lessons with an actual music teacher can be really expensive, so parents might be more willing for their kids to learn with a student. Same goes for sports too -- tennis or volleyball lessons could be easy money, and not to mention fun for you. 

3. Resell your textbooks 

Textbooks are overpriced and you most likely only need them for one class only. They just sit there, wasting space after the semester is over. Why not resell them and make some money? Some other student will need it and you can sell it for a lower price. I've resold mine to the school bookstore, but you can sell them on eBay or Amazon. 

Some students sell them to underclassmen, so that's always an option. In my school there are little flyers of used textbooks from students who have taken the class previously so I take a look there before the semester starts. 

4. Work at school 

You can do work study in the library or be an orientation leader. One of my classmates worked in the school bookstore as a cashier. I've seen some students work in the gym, where they just make sure the people coming in are actual students. You could be a campus tour guide for prospective students in the summer. It looks good on a resume and it could be a fun job since you can interact with incoming freshmen and teach them a lot from your experiences. It'll be gas money or extra spending money, but it never hurts!

I'm going to be a part of the faculty this upcoming fall semester, working with freshmen in their seminar classes. I'm super excited because I get to help them adjust to college life and it'll be less intimidating for them since I am only a year older than them. 

5. Internships 

Some internships are paid, while some are not. If you find one in your field of study, then it is super valuable regardless or pay or not. It will help you on your resume and give you more experience. If it's paid, then that's a plus -- but don't turn down an internship just because it's unpaid! 

You could build connections and meet new people in your career field. You never know what might come your way. Your mentor might be your boss one day, after you graduate.


Monday, July 9, 2018

#NSale Items to Buy For Fall

It's only July, but next month school starts back up for some of us. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has a lot of basics that are super trendy, that are discounted for a short period of time before it goes back to its original price.

I found some really cute pieces that I want to share -- these are items I would personally wear! There are some booties that I have my eye on. I'll be focusing on clothes that are more long-sleeve and suitable for colder weather.

I don't know about you, but I am really excited for fall. I'm getting a little tired of the 90+ degree humid weather here in the northeast. My favorite season has always been fall, so I am a little biased.

1.  Suede Moto Jacket
BLANKNYC does it again! This jacket was in the #NSale last year in different colors and I feel like it is such a beautifully tailored jacket. I bought a different one a couple weeks back, so I won't be purchasing this one. I think I might pick one up at the next anniversary sale.

This would look great paired with skinny jeans and a bootie. Such a simple but still trendy look that everyone can wear.

2. Green Utility Jacket 
I always wear my utility jacket and vest during the fall -- I honestly overwear them, but that's not the point. It could be paired with a blouse or a gray t-shirt for a more casual look. Maybe throw in a mule with jeans and you're set!

3. Curved Hem Cardigan 
Cardigans are a staple in my closet, especially during the fall. It keeps you warm during breezier days but still looking fashionable. I would wear a lace trimmed cami underneath if it is not cold. I have a lot of more neutral colored cardigans, so I decided to buy the darker green color.

4. Kristen Drop Earrings
I have a pair of Kendra Scott earrings and they are great quality. It is more of an investment piece but they are sturdy and have a good weight to them. I believe I have the 'Alex' (the larger square-ish teardrop design) in the white pearl color and LOVE them since they go with everything.

These are more of a square shape that has gold metal detailing around the circumference. My favorite color is the 'chalcedony/gold'. It's currently on sale for more than $20 off!

5. Ruffle Sleeve Top 
Ruffle sleeve tops are my go-to because they are fun and flirty, but easy to throw on and pair with anything. The white and light pink are my favorite out of all of the colors. I don't really like wearing black, but that's because my hair is black.

6. Camel Wrap Watch Bracelet 
If you know me, you know about my obsession with watches. I always wear one and think that they are a necessity. Sometimes, you can't always pull your phone out.

The gold detailing on this watch is stunning and if I didn't buy watches as often as I do, I would purchase this one. It is the perfect watch to add to any outfit because it is so versatile. It will dress up a casual outfit and I like it because I haven't seen a watch like it in the market.

7. Maurine Bootie
Every fall, I always buy several booties because I wear them so much -- they start to become unwearable (seriously, I bought a pair of booties last fall and by January it started to fall apart).

I almost always wear jeans in the fall, so I always pair them with a bootie. This shoe + flannel + dark wash denim = easy fall outfit to recreate with items in your closet!

8. Waterproof Bootie
This shoe is so sleek and is waterproof! Would be useful in the snow or rain, I know sometimes my socks get wet and that's not a fun situation. This bootie comes in 5 colors and is versatile with most outfits.

I personally like the 'mushroom suede' and 'black nubuck' color since they're neutral enough for any outfit. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to sit there and find out what matches this or what matches that, y'know?

9. Notched Bootie 
I'm very tempted to purchase these booties in the cognac color because that is my favorite color for shoes (literally goes with everything in my closet). I love the simple design and think that it is a universally flattering shoe.

Thanks for reading, 

Happy shopping, 


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer Dresses UNDER $50 You Need

I'm not much of a dress wearer, per say but I've been wearing more of them this summer. I've been trying to branch out and expand my wardrobe to something other than skinny jeans and blouses.

Dresses can get expensive and I can understand the feeling of seeing a super cute dress then looking at the price tag and seeing that it's hundreds of dollars. I can get dropping a lot of money on a dress for a special event or something, but for a casual dress -- nah.

I like how flowy and breezy this dress is -- the floral and ruffles just make it more feminine. I would pair this with a cardigan and sandals to transition into fall.

Love this one-shouldered yellow ruffled dress. Would be perfect for a wedding guest since it is dressy enough.

This dress is perfect for a casual lunch or shopping trip with your besties. Studded sandals would make this look even more fashionable. Regular sandals would make it more casual.

Gingham print is one of my favorites and the bow detailing in the back is super cute. I like the flared out sleeve and I think it would flatter a lot of people since it is an A-line dress.

Floral maxis give off a romantic and feminine vibe in my opinion. I think it would be perfect for a photoshoot in a field of flowers.

I love the look of button down dresses lately, and have yet to find one that I really, really like. This one looks promising! I like the bows on the tops of the shoulders and the print. It's not a super loud print but subtle enough.