Friday, August 24, 2018

Brunch OOTD II A-Line Dresses

My friend and I decided to take a girl's trip to a super photogenic brunch spot last weekend and of course we had to snap a couple photos. We both wore dresses from Free People and strappy sandals to finish the look. 

Some of these photos were taken when it was raining! We were eating and it started pouring then stopped and then drizzled when we took pics. You can tell since my hair progressively lost its curl, haha. 

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Stuck In A Sunflower Field II Striped Tee + Denim Skirt OOTD

My BFF Jordyn and I went out into a sunflower field several days ago for photos. It was the last time I'm going to see her before school starts :( This is the girl who encouraged me from the beginning to start my blog! It's honestly so amazing to have a friend support + be there for you. 

I got my top off of a clearance rack at H&M, but you could use any striped tee you own. It's such a simple outfit but also stylish. Denim skirts are making a comeback and I'll all about it. I got my skirt at Hollister but I linked one down below that is super similar! 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Easiest Ways To Unwind + Relax

Honestly sometimes life gets the best of us and stress accumulates to a point where you need to take a breather. School is starting back up soon or maybe it's work that is stressing you out. There are so many variables in life that you never know what it is going to throw at you, but you can be active in your own self-care. You need to make sure that you are your own priority and don't forget about yourself. 

Self-care is the best care. 

Make time before bed to unwind and take some time for yourself to relax. Whether it's 5 minutes or 15 minutes, it will make a difference for sure. There are many ways to do this, but here are the easiest ones I have personally found that helped me: 

1. Yoga
I'm no yogi, but I do some stretches and meditate for a little afterwards and this seems to do the trick. Do this in a quiet place and it will clear your mind -- I now understand why people go to yoga classes, but I just don't have the time to do that. Here are some easy yoga poses anyone can do. The 'child's pose' and 'cobra' really help with my back problems. 

2. Taking A Bath
Most people shower the majority of the time, but there's just something about a hot bath + a lush bath bomb. Add a Bath and Body Works candle and there ya go! You could read a book or just close your eyes and relax. If your muscles are sore, throw in some epsom salts.

3. Taking a Walk
Taking a quiet walk in the neighborhood could help you wind down for the night. You could do it after dinner and walk your dog too. It's peaceful and can put your mind at ease.

4. Drinking Some Tea
A nice cup of hot tea can make you feel sleepy -- especially tea with lavender or chamomile. Decaffeinated tea is best in order to not disturb any sleep.

5. Turning Everything Off
Turn your phone, tablet, + laptop off so notifications do not disturb you or further stress you out even more. Those emails and texts can wait because some days you need to focus on yourself. If you are constantly replying to this and that, it's not the best schedule to be on.

6. Diffuse Oils
Aromatherapy has become a trend lately and I've found myself purchasing essential oils. Lemongrass, tea tree oil and eucalyptus are some of my favorites. B&BW has an aromatherapy line and I like the shower gels. You could purchase a diffuser and diffuse the oils in your bedroom.

7. Meditate + Managing Breathing
Sitting in one spot and letting your mind take a breather is something that everyone needs to do. You can't always go-go-go. Meditation can improve your mood and make you release the negative energy.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

I've been trying to make a serious change in my diet to become healthier in general. It's been a slow process, but every week I try and incorporate more and more vegetables/fruits. It's difficult to find new recipes that taste good and also have lots of nutritional value. I came across chia seed pudding on Pinterest and after trial + error, I made my own recipe! 

I've been eating this on-and-off for months and find myself craving it sometimes. It's so versatile because you can add whatever fruit/toppings you'd like and it's great for fiber intake! For example, I like a subtle coconut-y taste, so I add more coconut milk and less honey if I'm watching my sugar intake.

Creamy Chia Seed Recipe: 

1. Use 1 tablespoon of organic chia seed for every 2 tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk (so you can make as much or as little as you would like). You can swap almond milk out for whole milk or soymilk if you'd like. 

2. Add several tablespoons of coconut milk (gives it a creamy texture + depth in flavor). Let the chia seeds bloom in the refrigerator. You can make multiple servings, but since I only make them for myself I make one serving at a time. 

3. Add chopped up fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries -- you can add any fruit such as dragonfruit or even cherries. I like to put in frozen strawberries + blueberries since they make the pudding cold and because frozen fruit is more convenient. 

4. Mix in some honey to taste and serve! Stevia or agave syrup can also work. 

This takes me less than 5 minutes to make and it makes for a great dessert. It's something not heavy or too sugary so it's a go-to. It's super simple and will help a sugar craving here and there. You can always add more fruit or cacao bits for crunch. 


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Welcome, Friends! Life Update: August 2018

It's been almost a year since I have started my blog -- isn't that crazy? I remember like it was yesterday because I was so excited. Also, I want to say hi to my new readers!! A little bit about me: I've loved clothes ever since I was young and my mom would tell me stories of how I would change into multiple outfits in a day, even if we were just relaxing at home. My love for fashion only evolved during high school and I like to think that my style has refined from my 'hipster' days. There's nothing wrong w/the hipster style; I just cringe when I look back at pictures during that stage of my life because I thought I was so cute haha. 

Time really flies when you are busy with school, work, extracurriculars and I can't believe that I am going to be a sophomore in college in three weeks. I still am undecided if nursing is right for me. Honestly, I don't know what direction I want to go in because all my life, I've been working towards the career path of medicine. It's difficult to stray away from that because that's all I've dreamt and thought about doing.  

I'm excited for classes to start but also a little bit anxious because I hope I can handle the course load + work + clubs. I'm trying to work on socializing at school more since I commute so it's more difficult to make friends. It's hard when I am only on campus for classes for a few hours. 

In the beginning I was not blogging consistently because of the adjustment from high school to college. But I have since become more serious about blogging and hope you are liking the content that I am putting out. I'm the most active on Instagram, so feel free to DM me about anything! 

This year, I'm trying to branch out from what I would normally do such as possibly joining a sorority for the fact of meeting new people. I'm more of an introvert with strangers but super outgoing with my friends -- is anything else like that? It's become more of a problem in my latter years. 

Anyways, back to blogging -- I've learned so much within this past year in the blogger world and have never looked back since. I've made friends and the community has been so positive for me. Cheers to a great semester + another year down (blog-wise)!

Hope enjoyed the post!