Thursday, August 2, 2018

Welcome, Friends! Life Update: August 2018

It's been almost a year since I have started my blog -- isn't that crazy? I remember like it was yesterday because I was so excited. Also, I want to say hi to my new readers!! A little bit about me: I've loved clothes ever since I was young and my mom would tell me stories of how I would change into multiple outfits in a day, even if we were just relaxing at home. My love for fashion only evolved during high school and I like to think that my style has refined from my 'hipster' days. There's nothing wrong w/the hipster style; I just cringe when I look back at pictures during that stage of my life because I thought I was so cute haha. 

Time really flies when you are busy with school, work, extracurriculars and I can't believe that I am going to be a sophomore in college in three weeks. I still am undecided if nursing is right for me. Honestly, I don't know what direction I want to go in because all my life, I've been working towards the career path of medicine. It's difficult to stray away from that because that's all I've dreamt and thought about doing.  

I'm excited for classes to start but also a little bit anxious because I hope I can handle the course load + work + clubs. I'm trying to work on socializing at school more since I commute so it's more difficult to make friends. It's hard when I am only on campus for classes for a few hours. 

In the beginning I was not blogging consistently because of the adjustment from high school to college. But I have since become more serious about blogging and hope you are liking the content that I am putting out. I'm the most active on Instagram, so feel free to DM me about anything! 

This year, I'm trying to branch out from what I would normally do such as possibly joining a sorority for the fact of meeting new people. I'm more of an introvert with strangers but super outgoing with my friends -- is anything else like that? It's become more of a problem in my latter years. 

Anyways, back to blogging -- I've learned so much within this past year in the blogger world and have never looked back since. I've made friends and the community has been so positive for me. Cheers to a great semester + another year down (blog-wise)!

Hope enjoyed the post!


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